Hear What People are Saying about Project Imagine

The Professionals

Project Imagine bring smiles and hope to children when they are facing the fight of their life. When Diane and Erica enter the room the whole dynamic changes into a fun, loving, and imaginative environment. Our patients as well as their families look forward to the therapeutic art sessions that Project Imagine has to offer. Project Imagine is truly making a difference in the lives of children.

Wendy Fought, BA, CCLS
Child Life Specialist
Sunrise Children’s Hospital


Project Imagine has opened a world of creativity for our kids. This program offers so many positive benefits for the children during their cancer treatment. I can’t imagine not offering a healing arts program such as Project Imagine.

Melissa Cipriano
Executive Director
Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada


Our patients love Diane and Erica from Project Imagine! They are cheerful and energetic and make our patient’s day by spending one on one time with them. They come with their bag full of art helping our patients forget about being in the hospital, turning their room into an art studio for their creative juices to flow! When the art session is over our patients proudly show their art work off and are in an upbeat mood the rest of the day. We are so grateful to have Diane and Erica come weekly to work with our oncology patients.

Thank you for all you do!

Sara Richins
Child Life Specialist
University Medical Center


We have begun to witness a phenomenon of kids not wanting to leave the painting table, enthusiastically working on one project after another, and even not wanting to leave the clinic when it’s time to go home – amazing, considering that coming to the infusion room is not the most pleasant experience for them! The art session goes beyond the simple act of artistic expression and becomes an experience of community bonding, where everyone involved – kids of all ages, parents, clinic staff and Project Imagine artists engage in communication full of improvisation, brainstorming, creativity, meaning and connection. Everyone leaves the table feeling inspired. Truly magical…

Erica Deutsch
Art Director
Project Imagine

The Parents

Project Imagine is absolutely wonderful! They brightened both Derek’s and my day. It was definitely great therapy for all of us.

Mother of 9-year-old Derek


They were very kind, patient and loving. They helped Denysha paint and express herself. This program brings a tremendous amount of joy to the children and parents. We had fun for a while without having to concentrate on this illness.

Mother of 3-year-old Denysha


Awesome!! Michael hasn’t talked or smiled this much in days. It was such a great treat and a blessing. Thank you Project Imagine!

Mother of 9-year-old Michael


Project Imagine is wonderful! The whole family loved it. Mikaila has been looking forward to this all week and Project Imagine does not disappoint.

Mother of 14-year-old Mikaila


This was Memphis’ 1st time painting and it was such a joy to see her enjoying it all. She will definitely be painting at home. Great time! Great Program!

Mother of 2-year-old Memphis


This brings so much joy to her. She has had a rough stay at the hospital and this brought a big smile to her face. Thank you Project Imagine for sharing this time with her.

Mother of 6-year-old Ryleigh

The Children

They really brought out my creativity. I had fun learning different techniques.

16 years Old


I really liked it because I am always bored and I love to paint and draw. I learned a new way to draw today. It was very entertaining and very fun.

14 years old


I liked it because I drew hearts and flowers.

8 years old


I really enjoyed this art session. I had a lot of fun and learned a couple of new painting tricks.

13 years old