Using a variety of media, our visiting artists and musicians guide children through the creative process. The techniques used are designed to be fun and comprehensible for children and to encourage the young artists to expand their sense of the possible.

Art Sessions

Project Imagine’s team of visiting artists conducts art enrichment sessions at the bedside of young patients during their hospital stay or while undergoing chemotherapy and other cancer fighting treatments in the clinic. Children choose their medium and learn fundamental drawing and painting techniques while creating their own priceless works of art. The artists encourage the children to use the power of their imagination to help reach beyond their circumstances and create the art that will be the legacy of their creativity, insight and vision. Read more about the sessions HERE.

Young Authors Project

The Young Authors Project provides children with a unique opportunity to direct the production of their very own storybook. Visiting artists work as a team to encourage the creative process and aid the young author to develop fantastic characters and exciting, often touching stories. One artist creates a dialogue to inspire the text while the child draws their ideas. Shortly after their session, young patients and their families are presented with a professionally bound, illustrated copy of their very own story.

Music Enrichment

Using the healing power of music, Project Imagine’s visiting musicians provide music enrichment sessions to help brighten the day of children in the clinic or hospital. Young patients are provided with instruments and encouraged to express their personal style through music, and are able to explore different instruments such as African drums, Tibetan healing bowls, tambourines, maracas and so much more.