The Artists

PROJECT IMAGINE’S very talented and giant-hearted artists are not only highly accomplished in their craft but also trained to work in an Arts-in-Medicine capacity in a pediatric setting. It takes a very special breed of artist to bring joy into a hospital environment.

Project Imagine is incredibly proud of our artists as well as our very supportive Las Vegas arts community.

DIANE MISFUD was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1965. Her parents, who were born in Malta, immigrated to the United States when she was 4-years-0ld and made their new home in Detroit, Michigan

During her early years, Diane was endlessly imaginative and bold, always drawing from her experiences. As a young adult, she moved to Las Vegas where her children and art career were born. She started out creating playful wall murals for her boys and later turned this passion into her own mural company, Studio 11. Specializing in art and design, Diane successfully co-owned Studio 11 for more than a decade. Her work can be found in many prestigious Las Vegas residences, and has been showcased in multiple industry publications as well as in the award-winning New American Home Las Vegas.

In addition to her career as an artist and business woman, Diane has always made time to volunteer in the community. This ultimately led to the development of Project Imagine. As Executive Director, Diane is able to bring together her diverse professional strengths to accomplish her lifelong dream of a comprehensive arts-in-medicine program for Las Vegas. Her heart has grown immeasurably from her experiences bringing love, laughter and art to children who are battling cancer.


LISA DAVIS has enjoyed an eclectic career, combining her passion in theater, children’s education, and programming. She founded the Kentucky Fried Theatre, an improvisation troupe based in Los Angeles. From there, she went on to perform cabaret shows in Chicago, Palm Beach, Minneapolis, Miami and New York City at Lincoln Center.

Lisa became the first Director of Education and Family Programming at The National Cowgirl Museum in Fort Worth, Texas. Most recently, she served as Director of Education at The Magik Theatre in San Antonio, Texas. These experiences have developed Lisa into an incredible artist and educator. She brings joy, creativity, and deep compassion to the children of Project Imagine.



0_0_0_0_183_229_csupload_37748753JEFFREY TROWER has been a professional musician for  more than 20 years and has been a music enrichment director for 8 years. His dedication and passion for the drumming community in Las Vegas has proven, on many occasions, to be powerful as well as healing.

Jeffrey is one of only three other professionals in the city to have attended the HealthRHYTHMS Facilitation Training program with Remo Inc. HealthRHYTHMS is a research-based group drumming protocol which has demonstrated biological and psycho-social benefits. HealthRHYTHMS Group Empowerment Drumming isn’t about drumming, rather the drum is used as a tool for communication and personal expression.

Jeffrey is a pioneer in the way the way he brings music and healing to a wide variety of communities. He serves as a Cirque du Monde social circus coach where he works with at-risk youth and helps to enable young people to achieve their full potential. He is also currently working with the Blind Center of Nevada, Mental Health Facilities and well as the children of Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada, just to name a few. Jeffrey believes and teaches that music is a universal language that reaches beyond all boundaries to bring people together in peace.


CHARLOTTE FOX has found joy in art since childhood. Raised in the small coastal community of Brookings, Oregon her subjects were seagulls, lighthouses, and the roaring ocean. Her first art instructor encouraged her to paint everything she found interesting using multi-media and any surface available; often times drift wood and rusted metal.

Since moving to Las Vegas in 2001, Charlotte continues to paint her surroundings, city happenings, and people of influence to her. She has been involved with a variety of community art projects, First Friday, as well as various charity fund raisers. Utilizing her talents and passion to promote and benefit charities she connects with has and will continue to bring joy to her life

“Any time I’ve shared creative space with another person, offered by even the simplest art, my spirit is rejuvenated. I want to share that feeling as so many others continually share it with me.”


MICHAEL HANEY, a Las Vegas native, began his musical journey playing bass in his middle school orchestra. He quickly advanced and began playing electric bass in many local bands. His love for music persuaded him to pursue professional education. He eventually earned his Bachelors of Music Performance in classical guitar from the University of Nevada, Reno.

Michael has studied with such greats as Sergio and Odair Assad, Ed Corey, and Joey Berger. He’s performed at Disneyland, the Ronald Reagan National Library, and Nightingale Concert Hall, as well as many venues throughout Las Vegas. Michael currently works as an alternate in Donny and Marie Osmond’s #1 rated show and is currently working for the Mark Barrett Agency and the Always Entertaining! Agency.


CYNDEE DEVITO has lived in Southern Nevada for most of her life where she has had the joy of raising a family in the wonderful Las Vegas community.  She feels it a special privilege to be part of Project Imagine so she can serve the needs of hospitalized children in a loving, positive way.  Cyndee has dedicated her life to teaching and assisting children, using her love of art and creativity during hemany years as a pre-kindergarten teacher.  This experience has helped connect her artistic talents with her passion to be of service to children in need of discovering the wonder of the imagination.  She has seen first- hand how art and the ability to express feelings through different mediums can be an important step in the healing process. She knows that the power of creativity can set free positive energy that helps ease many worries.  Cyndee is excited for the opportunity to help young people find their inner, creative strengths to help them during their time of healing.