What started as a simple act of selflessness became a labor of love to bring joy and color into the lives of those who so desperately need it. Project Imagine is an effort brought to fruition by Diane Mifsud. While balancing life working as an artist, and helping two sons through high school, in just seven years’ time, Project Imagine has drastically changed the lives of so many children diagnosed with cancer and other long-term illnesses.

Before the inception of the organization, in the mid-2000s, Diane volunteered in a collaborative effort between local charity organizations and church communities to assist low-income families affected by cancer, and in part, to help young Tamera Matthews and her family in the trials laid ahead of them by such cruel illness. Over the following years, Diane and her family would come to grow close with the Tamera and her mother, being there to lend a helping hand whenever possible, all the way up until the end. It was Tamera, and her brave fight with leukemia, that inspired Diane to dedicate her life to bringing color and wonder to the lives of children just like Tamera.

In 2010, Diane founded Project Imagine, as a means to continue her dedication to others. After five years of hard work, dedication, and determination on her part, and so many other’s along the way, Project Imagine officially became a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization. Today, the organization strives to broadening its horizons and expanding the program’s range so that they can reach more families in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada.